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Welcome To Campbell's Brew Page
I started building this system last winter and brewed three 15 gallon batches over the summer. They turned out average but not great. Before I got started I looked at several designs on the internet and finally decided on this one. I would like to thank all of the guys that were kind enough to put their systems on the web as it made this project so much easier. I will be updating this site over the next couple of months. Enjoy!
Design Notes
The system is basically the same as most H.E.A.R.M.S. I decided to go single tier to make things much easier to reach and also so I can get it out the basement door. Yep I did put castors on the frame so I can roll it around myself. I automated the recirculation process by using a Ranco ETC that is wired to the pump. The kegs were ordered from Sabco with the tops already cut out. I then had a welder do all of the drilling and welding. All plumbing is 1/2" copper pipe. The burners are 175,000 BTU propane and no the wood frame hasn't caught on fire yet. But I did add metal to all inside exposed wood surfaces just to make sure. Beer is fermented in Sanke kegs and then placed into old fridges that also has an ETC controlling the temp. Finished beer is placed into soda kegs and carbonated with CO2.

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Heat Exchange Recirculating Mash System